Lysan was a manipulative cleric of Auril in Icewind Dale.[1]


Her primary mission was to open the tomb of the barbarian king Kresselack to the cold winds and cleanse out the light and sources of warmth within that tomb. To do so, she infiltrated the society of Kuldahar, acting as a waitress at the local tavern. She spread stories convincing the people of Kuldahar, including the wise Archdruid Arundel, that there was a threat within the Vale of Shadows were Kresselack was entombed.[1]

Adventurers were recruited by Arundel to investigate the Vale of Shadows. They eventually slew all the undead guardians of Kresselack's tomb, making it possible for Lysan to carry out her mission. The risen Kresselack recruited the party to slay Lysan; afterwards, he told the party that there was no one threatening Kuldahar in the Vale.[1]


Lysan was a cleric of seemingly low power. She somehow cursed the entire Vale of Shadows and raised the dead as shadows to scare the people of Kuldahar. She believed that it was the power of the goddess Auril herself that was within her.[1]

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Lysan was blond woman wearing blue clothing with ice-colored edges.[1]


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