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Lythari (originally Ly-tel-quessir[4]) were good-aligned elven lycanthropic wolves, similar in appearance to werewolves and often mistaken as such. Lythari differed from werewolves in that they had no hybrid form and were friendly and companionable when in lupine form.[citation needed]


Whether in elf or wolf form, lythari were uncannily beautiful. As elves, they were often tall and fair, with pale blue or green eyes and silver hair. As wolves, they had light grey or silver fur and blue or brown eyes that betrayed their intelligence.[1]


Lythari were true lycanthropes. They were born as were-creatures to lycanthrope parents. Lythari packs were almost exclusively found in wood elf lands or on the isle of Evermeet. Lythari propagated using a ritual of bonding that would turn the other party into a lythari. This ritual only worked if both parties agreed to the transformation.[5] It left a permanent scar on the transformed, which resembled a wolf bite.[citation needed]


Physical combat was disliked among the Lythari. If they aided in warfare at all it would be in a scouting capacity or as a messenger, using their speed to their advantage. However, if cornered or forced to defend their kin, they had a powerful bite which they could use to great effect. Otherwise, they only attacked when hunting, preferring deer, rabbit and wild boar, much like a wolf.[5]


Lythari packs were small, usually numbering no more than 30, a dozen or so of which would be too young to fend for themselves. They did not fashion metal objects of any kind and the rare spellcasters amongst them tended to be priests of one of the nature deities. All members of a lythari pack were treated equally, with no real leaders. As such, these packs tended to be quite anarchic and were increasingly rare, as most lythari went to live in Faerie, travelling there through portals.[citation needed]

A nomadic clan of lythari called the Vil Adanrath also inhabited the Endless Wastes.[6]


Lone lythari were readily accepted within normal wolf packs and treated deferentially but were left out of the pack hierarchy. Evil wolves such as worgs, werewolves and wolfweres would attempt to drive off a lythari or slay them if at all possible. They could sense a lythari's goodliness naturally.[5]

Lythari were a favored monster of Eilistraee and Rillifane Rallathil.[7]

Notable individuals[]


The lythari were originally elves who came from Faerie to Faerûn around −24,000 DR but they changed considerably over the years. By 1372 DR, most Faerûnian scholars did not consider them to be Tel-quessir.[4]





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