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M'Khiin Grubdoubler was a goblin shaman who lived in the Western Heartlands during the mid–14th century DR.[1]

"One of my kind. Even you, one who knows the ghost dance, who walks the spirit path, even you look at me and see nothing but a goblin."
— M'Khiin


She didn't spend much time worrying about things that could possibly go wrong, preferring to focus on what was directly ahead of her.[1]


As a shaman, M'khiin had the power to draw forth the spirits of goblin warriors and chieftains who had died. While she could not direct their actions, they did all they could to ensure her protection.[1]


M'Khiin was born into the Grubdoubler clan of goblins, the daughter of M'harr. Because she was a shaman, M'Khiin was treated with due respect by her clan. Over time she in turn grew tired of their brutal ways. She sought to leave, but was seen as far too valuable to the clan for them to allow such a thing.[1]

One night, after her clan hunted a deer and fell into a post-meal stupor, M'Khiin sensed her opportunity for escape, and quietly crept away. She wandered for a while, finding herself persecuted by humans everywhere she went. She eventually came across the drow sorcerer Baeloth Barrityl, who offered her a job at the Black Pits fighting ring. She was initially promised she would be an "exhibit" only, but Baeloth forced her into fighting as soon as he could.[1]



The Familiar #2: "Dangerous World"
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