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Maaril (pronounced: /ˈmrɪlMAYR-ill[2])) was a mage of Waterdeep who owned the Dragon Tower in the mid–14th century DR and possessed the Dragonstaff of Ahghairon, a powerful magic item that allowed any dragon who touched it to avoid the negative effects of Waterdeep's dragonward. As owner of the Dragonstaff, Maaril was able to control which dragons entered Waterdeep, a power he used to his advantage.[5]


Maaril was handsome with dark eyes and liked to wear dark green or purple robes. He had a pointy black beard.[5]


Maaril was on good terms with Meleghost Starseer of the House of Wonder.[6]

Maaril bargained with the Riddling Dragon, Grimnoshtadrano for the services of his juvenile offspring, Khavalanoth until he matured into a young dragon. He did so by allowing Grimnosh to enter Waterdeep and take revenge on Iriador Wintermist.[7]

Maaril also had a black cat familiar by the name of Frethian.[5]


Maaril was known for throwing parties for adventurers returning to Waterdeep, where he would quiz them about monsters slain and items recovered. He would sometimes use this information to send his gargoyle and golem minions from his tower to attack and steal any magic items he coveted.[1]


Maaril was fostered at the House of Wonder when it was a temple of Mystra. Once he became powerful enough, he summoned a demon to kill his mentor, Lhoril Delhiirnyn, and framed a rival apprentice for the murder. He stole the Dragonstaff from his master and took over the Dragon Tower.[5]

In 1374 DR, he was among the many powerful mages Khelben Arunsun brought together in order to restore the High Mages of the lost city of Miyeritaar and cleanse that part of the High Moor.[8]

He lived in Waterdeep as an eccentric mage until he disappeared after the Spellplague of 1385 DR.[3]

Just before disappearing, Maaril entrusted the custody of the Dragonstaff to the gold dragon Aurinax.[9]