Maces of smiting, also known as rods of smiting, were magical maces or rods that could demolish golems and outsiders.[2][3] The rod of smiting II could be found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate. [1][2]


The original rod of smiting was a +3 weapon. It dealt twice the usual damage against golems and had chance of even destroying them outright, but every blow against a golem drained it of one charge. It dealt the expected damage against beings of the Outer Planes, but had a chance of inflicting thrice the usual damage, at the cost of a charge. The rod of smiting could not be recharged.[2]

The rod of smiting II had all of the powers of its non-Zakharan counterpart, but also had a greater chance to completely destroy copper automatons and living idols.[1]

The rods of smiting wielded by monadic devas had all the same powers and dealt greater damage to foes armored in metal and creatures made of stone or other solid materials. It functioned only for its owner and never ran out of charges.[5][6]

The later mace of smiting was a +3 adamantine heavy mace had a greater magical enhancement against all constructs, and had a chance of destroying them completely. A critical blow against an outsider could inflict twice as much injury as normal.[3]


Forging such a weapon required a disintegrate spell.[3]

Notable OwnersEdit

Two types of devas

Bottom right: a monadic deva gripping his sturdy rod.

Monadic devas commonly wielded sturdy metal rods empowered as rods of smiting,[5][6] but were later observed to wield standard maces of smiting.[7] They most likely vanished with them when they died.[8]

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