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Machil Rillyn was an adventurer and member of the Rillyn patriar family of Baldur's Gate during the late 15th century DR.[1][3]

To my family. Forgive me the vanity that took me from you, and must soon claim my life or soul. You know how ambition corrupted my love for you.
— Machil, in an unsent letter to his family.[4]


He was a determined and highly-motivated man who unfortunately let his ego get the better of him.[4]


While he had accumulated and lost a great deal of treasure in his life,[3] Machil left few possessions to the world after his death, save for old maps and notes about his adventuring days,[2] undelivered correspondence, and other personal effects.[4]


Machil had quite the successful adventurer, having acquired a great amount of wealth over the years.[3] Rather than turn those riches into greater wealth for his family, he continued to carry on as a mercenary of the Sword Coast, earning less and less in his older years.[2]


The veteran mercenary was survived by his niece Yvandre, and Taresson, the Rillyn family butler.[3]


When exploring the ancient library known as the Haven of the Red Quill within the ruins Delimbiyran in the Year of the Narthex Murders, 1482 DR, Machil came across the magical book known as The Scrivener's Tale. By uncovering the old tome, Machil inadvertently became afflicted the scrivener's mark,[2] a curse that caused the text of the book to gradually cover more and more of their body's surface as it transformed into shadowglass, a substance associated with the archfey Nintra Siotta, who herself was closely linked with the tome.[5]

In order to learn more about the curse and save himself from a grim fate, Machil traveled to the library-fortress of Candlekeep to the south.[1] He used the remainder of the Rillyn family riches to arrange for the casting of a wish spell, which successfully rid him of the mark's ill effects.[6] Machil then donated the The Scrivener's Tale to Candlekeep's scholars, with the stipulation that it be secluded away with other dangerous works and be never read by another living soul.[5][7]

While the casting was successful and Machil was freed from the scrivener's mark,[6] the troubled adventurer was still being hunted down by agents of the regent of the Gloaming Court, the Queen of Air and Darkness,[2] who sought The Scrivener's Tale for her own end.[6] He was tragically slain within a month's time,[2] unable to offer an apology to his family for the missteps he had made in life.[4]



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