The Madbeards were a tribe of crazed and fearless berserker dwarves.[1]

You never know with a Madbeard
  — A common saying in Neverwinter


Madbeards were known to often raid the ships of Northmen. Whenever they successfully captured a longship from Northmen they would then use them to attack shipping lanes and small harbors along the Sword Coast, north of Mintarn. Though Madbeards were so bloodthirsty that they were liable to attack any living creatures that got near them, even Waterdhavian warships.[1]


Whenever they got close to a ship Madbeards would wave their blood-soaked weapons in the air and sing strange, eerie songs.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

They were believed to be based on an island somewhere near Uttersea, in the Trackless Sea.[1]


Madbeards were known to possess some longships from successful raids against the Northmen. These were typically referred to by outsiders as "deathships" due to the fact that the Madbeards rarely removed the carnage and corpses of former owners that littered the longships.[1]

Their scraggy beards were often described as being longer than their own bodies.[1]


The exact origin of the Madbeards was unknown, though some believed that they may have been descended from the survivors of the ruined kingdom of Haunghdannar.[1]

In 1358 DR the Madbeards were noted as having rammed and sunk three boats that were heading to Mirabar to trade wool. Around this time they were also noted as having slaughtered the crew of a Luskan warship, then set fire to it, and having chased down a merchant caravel for three days straight until it finally ran onto the docks of Waterdeep.[1]



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