Maddgoth's Castle was the seventh level of Undermountain. It was named after a miniature, 1:12-scale fortress in one of its caverns. The castle served as a base of operations for a serial killer called Maddgoth, who specialized in bringing home wizards and killing them. He was known to be very old, although it was unclear if he was an archmage who had prolonged his life with potions of longevity or a lich. Anyone who entered the castle shrank to one-twelfth their normal size.[1]



The following ways could be used to leave this level:


Stone Giants
Circa 1483 DR, Halaster Blackcloak lured a family of stone giants, and cursed them to remember nothing of their past lives and even anything that had happened over eight hours previously. They were unaware of the castle.[1]
Otto the Faerie Dragon
A violet faerie dragon named Otto was drawn here by Halaster Blackcloak's magic. Upon its discovery of the tiny castle, it moved in, and never shrank, although it was still fairly comfortable inside.
Maddgoth's Homunculus


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