Madeiron Sunderstone (pronounced: Mah-DEER-onn SUN-der-stone) was the bodyguard of Open Lord Piergeiron the Paladinson in Waterdeep around 1372 DR[1]-1377 DR[4]


Madeiron was 8 ft. tall, built like a human fortress. He had long scruffy blond[5] hair, which hung on his head covering his face like that of a sheepdog.[4]


Madeiron was near fearless but not very smart.[1]


Madeiron wielded a magical +3 battleaxe called Axe of Heavenly Fire. It radiated bright white continual light. That battleaxe was gifted to him by a High Priest of Tyr.[2]

When the giant of a man was on duty he wore a polished, blued full plate suit of armor, also known as "coat-of-plate."[2]

Another weapon Madeiron wielded was a 12'-long iron bar. He often used it to control crowds when fighting a crowd of smaller foes.[2]


Madeiron hailed from Hartsvale, a small kingdom near the Silver Marches. There, he was a distant cousin of the queen and his lineage went back to Brun I, son of Hartkiller. Madeiron left his home for a life as an adventurer.

Finally, circa 1352 DR, he settled in Waterdeep, where he joined the City Guard. In time, he rose through the ranks to become the bodyguard and personal champion of Piergeiron.[1]

In 1377 DR Madeiron was fulfilling his duty guarding Piergeiron during the Open Lord's wedding ceremony with Eidola of Neverwinter. They uncovered a malicious assassination plot by the members of Master Mariners' Guild, stopped a group of doppelgangers that posed as Eidola's chambermaids, but failed to stop her abduction.[6]

Just one year later, in 1378 DR Madeiron Sunderstone was killed in an assassination attempt on Open Lord of Waterdeep, Piergeiron the Paladinson.[7]




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