Madryoch was a wizard from ancient Imaskar. He was a pioneer in the use of the Shadow Weave, and was banished to the Demiplane of Imprisonment for attempting to overthrow Lord Artificer Omanond.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Even after his death, Madryoch was fascinated by prodigies, and was willing to forgive much interference for the sake of acquiring a promising student.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The wizard had a unique grasp of the Shadow Weave.[1]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

While in Imaskar, Madryoch had created an artifact known as the Shadow Stone.[1]

During his time as Master Oriseus, while in the Plane of Shadow, Madryoch preferred the ceremonial dress of Imaskari sorcerers: an archaic black robe, a chasuble of rune-marked cloth of gold, and a long rod of jet and silver. [2]

History[edit | edit source]

While studying the Shadow Weave, Madryoch had planned to overthrow Lord Artificer Omanond, but the young prodigy Hilather learned of his plans and thwarted him at the fortress of Metos by banishing him to the Demiplane of Imprisonment.[1]

But Madryoch's essence instead went into the Plane of Shadow, and he eventually learned to take over the bodies of other people in Faerûn. He used this ability to take over Master Oriseus, High Conjurer at the College of Mages in Cimbar, during the latter's exploration of the Plane of Shadow around 1360 DR.[2] While in the guise of Master Oriseus, the wizard had the High Master of Abjuration assassinated in the Year of the Sword, 1365 DR. Later that same year, he'd slay the Master of Divination in a spell duel, becoming the Dean of the school.[3]

He would also make the acquaintance of Aeron Morieth, who would later become the Storm Walker. During their time together, Master Oriseus taught him of the Shadow Weave.[4] Master Oriseus tried to involve Aeron Morieth in a rite to bind him to the power of the Shadow Stone, which the student escaped.[5]

Over the course of five years, Madryoch's schemes led him to rise to the position of Sceptanar by 1370 DR.[6] As the Sceptanar, he proceeded with a ritual to use the power of an artifact he had created before, the Shadow Stone, to increase his own magical power. The deleterious effects of the artifact on the ecology of Chessenta drew his long-lost apprentice, Aeron Morieth, back to the capital.[7] The fate of Madryoch and his possessed body after Aeron Morieth caused the destruction of the Stone was unknown.[8]

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