The maelephant (pronounced: /ˈmləfɒntMAY-luh-font[3]) was a denizen of the Nine Hells and a powerful guardian used to protect the treasures of greater fiends and evil archmages.[1]


It was humanoid in shape, standing nine feet tall and weighing eight hundred pounds. Its oversized hands were tipped with vicious claws, and its head was just like that of a small elephant.[1]


Originally, they were created by baatezu lords to serve them as guardians. However, when those lords fell, many maelephants escaped service. Thereafter, they traveled the lower planes alone—driven still by the urge to protect and guard something.[1]

A maelephant would fight to the death to protect its territory or its charge and generally would not pursue intruders.[1]

Some made their homes on the Demiplane of Nightmares.[4]

In the RealmsEdit

Maelephants were sometimes found in service of the duergar deities Laduguer[5] and Deep Duerra.[6]




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