Maelestor Rex was a very old and particularly fearsome black dragon. He was perhaps best known for making a deal with the devil Vesarius[2] and being forced to fight within the fiend's army during the Second Dragonspear War during the mid–14th century DR.[4]


Unlike other dragons of his kind, Maelestor Rex was exceptionally intelligent. He possessed a great desire to learn as much as he could about the nature of magic and spellcasting.[2]


In the past, Maelestor Rex made a bargain with the cornugon Vesarius in order to learn some unique spells. In exchange, Vesarius only wanted one of his horns.The two struck a deal. Vesarius bestowed upon Maelestor Rex the information he desired, in exchange for one of his horns.[2]

The dragon lived his life with little regard to the exchange, nearly forgetting about it entirely. Around the Year of the Wyvern, 1363 DR,[2] Vesarius made an incantation upon the horn to create the artifact known as the dragonspear. This weapon allowed the devil to enslave Maelestor and compelled him to join the Hordes of Dragonspear, specifically the Storm division, that was composed of hundreds of bugbears and ogres.[5]

Dragonspear War

Maelestor Rex was compelled by the devil and his spear to lay waste to the Misty Forest, killing many elves that lived within.[6] Shortly thereafter, he was directed to ravage the lands surrounding Daggerford and wound up destroying The Way Inn.[7]

He fought alongside Vesarius' devilish army during the final battle of the Second Dragonspear War[4] and devastated the combined forces of Daggerford and Waterdeep, the knights fighting under the banner of Ilmater, Uhmbrick's Rangers, and the local elves and dwarves that took up arms with their allies.[8]

However, a band of adventurers had just recovered the dragonspear from the labyrinth beneath Dragonspear Castle and presented it to Maelestor Rex. The dragon was delighted as he knew its destruction would free him from Vesarius' control. He flew flew down close the group of heroes released a stream of acid from his maw that destroyed the dragonspear and returned to him his free will.[4]

As of the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Maelestor was still alive and kept his lair in the High Moor.[3]





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