Maer Dualdon (pronounced: /mɛər djuːˈɔːldʌnmair dew-AWL-dun[3]) was a cold lake in Icewind Dale.[4] It was the largest of the three in the region, with deep azure waters.[2]


It was in the northwest region of the Ten Towns, on the far end of Kelvin's Cairn.[5]


The lake was a major source of knucklehead trout, whose bones were used in the art of scrimshaw.[6] It was also home to families of curious otters.[2]


Maer Dualdon was once the main objective for everyone that made the trek to Icewind Dale.[2]

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The towns of Bremen, Targos, Termalaine, and Lonelywood were situated on its silvery banks.[5][6] Boats from these towns regularly skilled the lakes surfacing, competing with one another for the daily catch.[7]

Circa 1269 DR the Accursed Tower of Damien Morienus, a former master of the Host Tower of the Arcane, stood on the western bank of the lake across from Lonelywood. It disappeared during the event called the Great Thaw, later in 1369 DR the tower was discovered by a group of adventurers, sunken deep into the ground, still accessible via the circle of stones on Maer Dualdon's bank (actually the top part of one of the tower's spires).[8]




The Accursed Tower

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