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Maeragha Olgarlar was a retired courtesan and the proprietor of A Kiss Across the Table on Mosstone in the 14th century DR.[1]


Maeragha was a tall and lean older woman with bright and passionate eyes.[1]


Maeragha was known for being a jolly and matronly woman, beloved by many. She never hesitated to comfort her clients and offer them her wise and world advice. She was quick to befriend others. Many of Maeragha's customers were local escorts and dancers who considered her their surrogate mother. Maeragha was delighted to help with counsel on life as well as on the best garment to wear.[1]


Maeragha Olgarlar's store, A Kiss Across the Table, was chock-filled with expensive dresses, daring gowns, lacy lingerie, masquerade masks, perfumes, love potions, corsets, exotic-looking spike-heeled footwear, thigh-high lace-up screaming-colored leather boots. She also had various items useful in disguises, such as prostheses, fake noses, and body paddings.[1]


Maeragha was a talented mimic and could imitate other people's voices with extreme precision.[1]


Maeragha Olgarlar spent her youth as a courtesan who strived for the career of a dancer and the leading actress. However, she never received an opportunity to act on her dreams due to her height and build. Eventually, she retired and opened her store, giving out guidance, affection, and fanciful garb.[1]

Once, she giddily helped a rotund adventurer known as Mirt to disguise himself as a dainty, sophisticated laced-up matron in order to lure a band of brigands into his trap.[1]