Maeragra Duskwinter was the junior chatelaine of the Sign of the Shield inn located in Voonlar circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


Maeragra had red hair that framed a beautiful, sharply defined face atop a slight, wiry frame.[1][2]


She had a sharp voice that she used only when necessary and never resorted to using vulgarities. Her wit and forceful personality let her direct staff and guests alike in an iron-hard but velvet-covered manner.[1][2]


Maeragra retained some of her acrobatic and climbing abilities that served her well in her previous career as a thief.[1][2]


She was the night-shift chatelaine. She interfaced with guests and directed chambermaids, cooks, and footmen to provide first-rate service. She occasionally used her leaping and acrobatic skills to scale the outside of the Sign of the Shield and enter a guest room via the window when a guest barricaded themselves in a room and refused to leave.[1][2]


Technically, Maeragra was third in command after Master Mester and Amratha Shuldeiroun, but she had much the same responsibilities as Amratha and was the sole manager during the off-hours.[1][2]


Maeragra was a former jewel thief that operated in the posh district of Sembia until a divine manifestation caused her to redirect her life. As the evening chatelaine of the Sign of the Shield, she once forcefully dissuaded two of the local deputies by breaking one's jaw and the other's arm when they tried to bully and threaten their way in to search a guest's room. Thereafter, the deputies of Voonlar avoided the inn during the hours she was on duty.[1][2]



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