Maerildarraine was queen of the city-state of Ormpur on the edge of Lapaliiya in southwest Faerûn in the early 14th century DR.[2][1]


Maerildarraine was the foster daughter of High Suikh (king) Askulder and she was a chansreena (princess) of the realm.[2][1]

As queen, she was attended by the court fool Jeremmer Hardree, called "the Mad Jester" for his bold tongue, who'd served Askulder before her. Despite bitter arguments, there was much affection and closeness between them (in Elminster's consideration).[2]


On Kythorn 12 in the Year of Thunder, 1306 DR, Chansreena Maerildarraine murdered her foster father High Suikh Askulder. She seized the throne and declared herself Queen of Ormpur, then led her loyal knights to plunder and burn the royal temple of Tiamat, but the flames spread through the city. This outrageous act triggered a holy war, and by the end of the day, hundreds lay dead. To Ormpurrans, this shocking day would be known ever afterward as "Bloodsword".[1][2] At Torch Court at the end of this dark day, the jester Jeremmer Hardree alone dared quip to the still wounded and enraged queen, and kept his life.[2]

Rare idiocy you grace our ears with—but you've wasted your journey, sir. I'm attended daily by a better fool than you.
— Queen Maerildarraine dismissing an envoy.
Eventually, Queen Maerildarraine was deposed by Helbareim "the Storm Wind" Alanasker, who was supported by the church of Tiamat. She died fighting in her own throne room, and the fool Jeremmer was grievously wounded defending her, but survived in the care of priests. Helbareim then became High Suikh himself.[1][2] However, Ormpur would not recover; once a great city-state, these internal conflicts saw its power wane, leaving it a weak realm.[1][2]



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