A magic aura or magical aura was a type of aura, an invisible property that indicated the strength and nature of the magic possessed by a magical item or a spell,[1] and by certain mages.[2]

The detect magic spell allowed a spellcaster to examine magical auras in their vicinity.[1]

Arcane spellcasters could also possess a magic aura, and this revealed their nature and make-up to other mages. Such auras could also be passed down through family lines. For example, the wizard Kyriani Agrivar bore the magic aura of her father, the renowned wizard Ostus Agrivar. This allowed Kyriani to control the Great Door that Ostus had created and only he and co-creator Parwyyd Hanifar could control. Parwyyd described Kyriani's magic aura as "odd", owing to her complex origin as a re-merger of the divided being Cybriana and Kilili.[2] When split up again, Ostus's magic aura went with Kilili, who'd been born of the essence of the dark side of Ostus and his magic. When Cybriana and Kilili re-merged into a new Kyriani, she retained the necessary aura and was able to close the Door.[3]