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Magic of Faerûn is a sourcebook published in August 2001 for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting using the 3rd-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset and written by Sean K. Reynolds, Duane Maxwell, and Angel McCoy. It covers many magical matters of the Realms.


Discover the Power and Master the Art

Magic pervades Faerûn. This guide explores the hidden lore and secrets of magic in the Forgotten Realms game setting. From the history of magic to magical variants (including gem magic, spellfire, and the mageduel), magical creatures, locations of power, and advanced options for creating magic items, this book covers what a Dungeon Master or the player of a spellcaster in the Forgotten Realms setting needs to know.


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ArchveultCaligardeCourynna JacerrylGhorus TothGrimwaldKhelben ArunsunMalchor HarpellNchaserNulathoeShandril ShessairShargrailar
Referenced only
AlaundoElminster AumarHalaster BlackcloakHarquelHenyaekKarsusMaeraMhair SzeltunePresperStorm SilverhandSzass TamZhelluk


Crossroads guardiancrypt spawnscalamagdrionspectatorspectral mage
Referenced only
dracolichdrowduergardwarfelfgnomehumanlichmoon elfsea elfskeleton


Referenced only
AglarondBlackstaff TowerCalimshanCormanthyrDeepingdaleEndless WastesHalruaaHigh MoorImaskarKara-TurLands of IntrigueLantanMiyeritarMulhorandMyth DrannorNarfellNetherilNeverwinterPrime Material planeRaumatharSea of Fallen StarsShining SouthSword CoastSword Coast NorthThayTorilTower TerribleUnderdarkUndermountainVaasaWaterdeepWrinklestoneZakhara


dead magicElven high magicgem magicmageduelmoonfiremythalspellfirespellpoolrune magicShadow WeaveWeavewild magic
Magic Armor
Cormyrian greatshieldmoon bracersmooncloakshield of vigilance
Referenced only
gauntlets of ogre strength
Magic Items
Aribeth's ringbone ringcommander's ringdust of dispersionice necklace of the Ulutiunmoon motemoonfire salvepurple dragon ringring of the darkhiddenring of dragonsring of mightring of nine livesring of spellbattle
Referenced only
gem wardkiirarod of absorptionrod of negation
Magic Weapons
berserker bladeLuiren shortbowrod of whips
acid splashbattering ramblood frenzycorrosive graspdistort speechelectric joltflame daggerHorizikaul's boomHorizikaul's coughHorizikaul's versatile vibrationKaupaer's skittish nerveslaunch boltlaunch itemshatterfloorsongbirdspeed swimspell engine
Referenced only
antimagic fieldblinkbreak enchantmentbull's strengthburning handscat's gracecharm persondarkvisiondaylightdetect magicdetect poisondetect undeaddimension doordisintegratedispel magicendure elementsexpeditious retreatfeather fallfinger of deathfireballflame arrowflaming sphereflareflyfog cloudglitterdustgreater dispellinggust of windhasteice storminvisibilityjumplightlightning boltlow-light visionmage handmagic circlemagic missileMelf's acid arrowmiracleNchaser's glowing orbNulathoe's ninemenobscuring mistportalpower word, killprotection from arrowsprotection from evilquenchray of frostrusting graspsee invisibilitysequestershattershocking graspshoutsleet stormsolid fogspell turningspider climbstinking cloudstoneskinteleportwater breathingwall of firewall of forcewall of icewish
Qualities, Armor
nimblenessproof against transmutationstrength
Qualities, Weapon
domineeringflyingsure striking
Referenced only
Scepter of SavrasThalang


Dark RobesWatchful Order of Magists and Protectors
Referenced only
CovenantHarpersRed Wizards of ThaySeven SistersSeven Wizards of Myth Drannor


AzuthMystraMystra (Midnight)MystrylSavrasSharVelsharoon
Referenced only
AoBeshabaChaunteaCorellon LarethianCyricDeep SashelasHanali CelanilIsisJergalKelemvorKossuthLaduguerLathanderMalarMoradinMyrkulSehanine MoonbowSelûneSetTalosThoth


gnome artificerThe Fools Who've Stood Here Before You: First Lessons in Magecraft
Referenced only
1298 DR1358 DRadamantineMagistermithralMystery of the NightpaperpapyrusparchmentTime of Troubles


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