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Magic stone, also called magical stone, was a transmutation or enchantment spell that turned some nearby stones into projectiles.[3][11][12][10]


Up to three[note 1] small stones no larger than sling bullets could be enchanted to become magical projectiles that could be used in a ranged attack. The dweomer lasted 30 minutes before the pebbles reverted back to normal. Whomever used the stones had to make a normal range attack, either by throwing or slinging, but with the added bonus due to the magic on the stones, it was a bit easier and worked on targets that only magic weapons could strike.[10] The transmuted bullets were particularly effective against undead, potentially doing double damage.[3][11][12]


Verbal and somatic components and the caster's holy symbol or divine focus were required, plus the three stones.[3][10] The enchantment version of this spell required the pebbles be untouched by tool or magic as a prerequisite.[11][12]



  1. The earliest version of this spell allowed the caster to enchant one stone for every five experience levels. See page 33 of the Unearthed Arcana 1st edition sourcebook.


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