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Magic vestment,[1] and an older version called magical vestment,[10][11] were transmutation or enchantment spells respectively, that improved the armor value of clothing, a shield, or a suit of armor.[1][10][11]


Though similar in effect, the two versions of this spell were different in practice. The transmutation version could be cast on anyone's clothing, armor, or a shield as long as the caster could touch the targeted vestment.[1] The enchantment version only worked on the caster. The transmutation version lasted for hours[1] while the enchantment version lasted for only 25 to 100 minutes or so.[10][11] However, the improvement in armor was better in most cases for the enchantment version.[10][11]

Starting with plain clothes or robes, the enchantment version immediately granted protection equivalent to chain mail and increased up to field plate armor as the level of the caster increased.[10][11] For the transmutation version, the lowest level improvement was equivalent to donning padded armor and increased up to chain mail as the level of the caster increased.[1] However, the enchantment version was not cumulative with existing armor, so magical vestment was only worth casting if the result was better than what the caster was already wearing,[10][11] whereas magic vestment improved any existing armor or shield.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the caster's holy symbol or divine focus to cast.[1][10][11]



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