A magma mephit, or a lava mephit, was a mephit composed of earth and fire. They emitted a red glow and were slow to understand other creatures.[3]


They consistently ooze molten lava from their bodies, as if it were perspiration. The heat from their bodies could be sensed from 30 feet (9.1 meters).[6]


They were the least intelligent of all mephits, being slow minded and the brunt of fire mephit jokes.[5]


They attacked using their claws and a breath weapon. Their breath weapon consisted of a molten blob of lava which hit a single designated target. If they were encountered in a volcanic region, they regenerated health every few seconds. The touch of a lava mephit automatically dissolved materials such as wood at a slow pace, but melted metal is a matter of seconds, such as plate mail.[6]

They had the ability to shapechange into a pool of molten lava, and even gate in other mephits of a random type.[6] If they came into contact with large quantities of water, causing it to harden and move twice as fast. This had a down-side for those using this tactic: the contact of the water with the mephit would release a large amount of sulfurous steam, poisoning and nauseating the opponents.[5]



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