Lord Mahmud Biinazol was one of the four Cloakmasters of Myratma for the Shadow Thieves around 1370 DR.[1]


Mahmud had a fantastic intellect and a knack for acting, and he was uninterested in the dirty work of his trade. He had an obsessive love for the game of chess.[1]


Mahumd, under the alias Halfran, began by organizing a small group of thugs into a racketeering operation that became highly profitable. Soon he joined the Shadow Thieves and was made guildmaster of racketeers for the local chapter. After that, Mahmud was promoted to Cloakmaster.[1]


Mahmud was a minor Tethyrian noble but also one of the four Cloakmasters of Myratma of the Shadow Thieves. They were so capable that only one of them was suspected of any criminal activities.[1]



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