Maimun was a bard and renowned pirate who sailed up and down the entirety of the Sword Coast.

As a baby, Maimun's village was destroyed by agents of the cambion named Asbeel who was obsessed with finding both the Stone of Tymora and the mortal whom the stone had chosen as its wielder. Maimun was that mortal. His mother had hid him in the wine cellar of his home. A piece of the burning cellar ceiling had fallen, missing the babe by an extremely narrow margin, but its flames kept it warm through the night. The next day, he was rescued from there by a mysterious rider and taken to live with the druidess Elbeth of the High Forest in her grove. Elbeth named him Lucky Child. Exactly six years after that event (which Maimun has since referred to as his birthday), Asbeel found the two of them, but, not wanting to face Elbeth in her grove, set fire to the surrounding trees, drawing her out. Elbeth hid him in the tallest boughs of a pine tree and told him to follow the road at dawn. He was woken by a man with whom he fled the forest.

The man was called Perrault and was the same mysterious rider who had taken him from the ruins of his first home. Not having a proper name, Perrault named him Maimun, the Bedine word for 'twice lucky' since he had been rescued twice.

Perrault and Maimun traveled along most of the Sword Coast for the next six years, never venturing inside a settlement larger than Nesmé. Maimun was taught to read and learned of much lore in that time thanks to the many books Perrault carried with him. Then, one day Perrault told him to research Baldur's Gate. A few days after Maimun's twelfth bithday, the pair arrived and snuck in over the wall once night had fallen.

Maimun later joined Captain Deudermont's crew.

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