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"All beings should walk free of fear, with the right to live their lives as they wish."
– Watchword of the Harpers

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The Heralds of Faerûn, or simply the Heralds, were a quasi-independent group of historians and heraldists that took on the responsibility of recording, preserving, and policing the coats of arms, flags, standards, shields, badges, mottoes, symbols, and sigils of armigerous individuals, families, houses, kingdoms, cities, organizations, and mercantile and mercenary companies across most of Faerûn.

Founded in the Year of the Watching Helm, 992 DR, as part of the Harpers, it eventually became difficult for the Heralds to maintain their neutrality and uphold their reputation for impartiality, so they split from the Harpers in the Year of the Empty Scabbard, 1116 DR. The Heralds policed themselves rigorously, removing members who abused their position of power, even reluctantly resorting to assassination in the most egregious cases of corruption. As a result, the Heralds' influence and recognition spread to cover almost every corner of Faerûn west of Thay.

The organization was led by a small council known as the High Heralds, and their apprentices and assistants were called the Heralds Pursuivant. Below these were the many local Heralds in almost every town of adequate size, and the "court heralds" that performed diplomatic services for their sovereign while trying to uphold the ideals of the Heralds. Together they formed a vast information gathering network that was frustratingly difficult to thwart.

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Neverwinter Dragonslayer key art.jpg
Neverwinter: Dragonslayer, released on June 14th, 2022, is an expansion module for the massively-multiplayer role-playing game Neverwinter.
Following the events of Dragonbone Vale, the Shield of the North successfully drove Valindra Shadowmantle out of the Sword Coast, but not before she managed to cast a flawed version of the Scaleblight Mythal. The malevolent spell awakened countless dragons to the phenomenon of dragonsight, twisting their motivations and driving them to wild rage. The call for help sounds out once more in Dragonslayer, where players will need to hunt down these deadly dragons, alongside fellow dragonslayers in hopes of saving the Sword Coast.
MTGCLB Collector Bundle.png
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate, released on June 10th, 2022, is a Magic: The Gathering set themed around the city of Baldur's Gate and the Baldur's Gate series of video games.
Dungeons & Dragons storytelling meets Magic's most social format in a new crossover multiplayer experience for the ages. Turn every Commander game into an adventure with iconic D&D characters and spells. And create your own powerful character from the ground up with the return of Commander Draft.
Dragon+ 41 cover.jpg
Dragon+ 41 was released on March 22nd, 2022.

This issue has a look at the upcoming Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, the Dragonbone Vale expansion for Neverwinter, and the playable races of Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse. It also presents artwork and maps for Candlekeep Mysteries and Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. Finally, there is a discussion of translating D&D to other languages.

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The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is the official beginner's guide to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. As well as a rule book, the boxed set contains a set of polyhedral dice, characters sheets, and the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure.

The adventure takes place in the Neverwinter region of the Sword Coast, and the characters are tasked to escort mining supplies to Phandalin. Rumored to exist somewhere near Phandalin is the legendary Wave Echo Cave. During their escort quest, the adventurers are quickly assaulted by the Cragmaw tribe of goblinoids. They later find out that the dwarf who set them on the task, Gundren Rockseeker, has been captured by the same tribe that assaulted them. Their task is to rescue Gundren, and find out what he has learned about the mysterious cave. Throughout their adventure, the characters can seek out the Forge of Spells or even take on the young green dragon, Venomfang.

Today in the Realms... is 4 Flamerule, or the 4th of Summertide. Selûne is a waning gibbous moon 🌖. On this day:

  • Worshipers of Waukeen observe the second day of Sornyn, a High Festival marked by making treaties, business agreements, receiving ambassadors from foreign lands, talking with traditional foes, and consuming much wine.


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A slime lord of Ghaunadaur.


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