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Larloch - Carl Critchlow
Larloch was a Netherese male human and a lich. He was the former Sorcerer-King of the enclave of Jiksidur in ancient Netheril and later the master of the Warlock's Crypt and Shadow King of its undead inhabitants. He was one of the oldest non-draconic beings in Faerûn and one of its most powerful mages, as well as one of the few surviving Netherese sorcerer-kings.

A lich of extreme age, Larloch's body was greatly decayed, leaving only his white-boned skeleton, with two orbs of red light in place of eyes. Streaks of emerald energy moved about his body, and at least two dozen ioun stones floated around his skull. He was also insane, his mind affected by his extreme age. Sometimes he could be calm and even whimsical. Other times he was crazed, snarling and launching spells at random.

Larloch possessed incredible power and was a superintelligent genius. He sought only greater arcane Art and was a talented and cunning inventor of new spells, magic items, and magical techniques and strategies. He forged the Death Moon Orb artifact. He was a master of curse magic, and modified many of his own spells and abilities in surprising ways. He enjoyed inflicting horrible transformations and curses on those who failed him or trespassed in his tower. He also performed cruel necromantic experiments on captured travelers.

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A Darkened Wish #2 by B. Dave Walters with art by Tess Fowler is the second of a new five-issue comic series published by IDW Publishing. It will be released on July 24th, and is set around the Sea of Swords, following the adventures of the young wizard Helene and friends.
Enter Hoondarrh: the Red Rage of Mintarn; the Sleeping Wyrm of Skadaurak; a red dragon of legendary size, cunning, and strength. None shall prevail against his might.
D&D Essentials Kit cover
The D&D Essentials Kit received a limited release on June 24th, 2019. This boxed set is intended as an introduction to D&D for newer players, and contains a basic ruleset, a dice set, and a map of the Sword Coast. Also included is the adventure "Dragon of Icespire Peak," which ties into the introductory adventure in the earlier D&D Starter Set. The Essentials Kit will be available everywhere on September 3rd.

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Storm King's Thunder is an adventure module and sourcebook for the Forgotten Realms using the 5th-edition ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons. Set in the Savage Frontier region of the late 15th century DR, it pits players against giants of many varieties.
To Fight Giants, You Must Be Giant

Ages ago, giants and dragons waged war across the Savage Frontier. These battles are long forgotten by the human civilizations of today, but ancient relics remain. And now, the land shudders once more with the thunder of giant footsteps.

Hill giants raid farms for food and livestock, as stone giants lay waste to settlements in their path. Frost giants plunder coastal towns, as fire giants gather slaves. Cloud giant castles drift across the sky, casting ominous shadows on the cities of the North. But no threat compares to the wrath of the storm giants, who stand betrayed.

Puny adventurers must rise to the challenge, gather their strength, unlock the power of ancient runes, and take the fight to the giants' doorsteps. Only then can they discover a hidden evil fomenting a war between giants and small folk. Only then can they forge an alliance to end the war before it begins.

A Dungeons & Dragons® adventure for characters of levels 1–10. For use with the fifth edition Player's Handbook®, Monster Manual®, and Dungeon Master's Guide®.

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Durthans, a secret group of women opposed to the Witches of Rashemen.


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