The Forgotten Realms Wiki is an online wiki-based encyclopedia of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons in all its editions. It aims to provide a complete and thorough reference for the wealth of canon and licensed information, or "Realmslore", released in the decades since the setting's creation by Ed Greenwood. It covers the canonical sourcebooks, novels, magazines, comics, and other media, as well as officially licensed but non-canonical sources such as video games, card games, and board games.

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"Hope is the key. The future will be better than the past, or the present. Without this belief, there is only the self-indulgent, ultimately empty striving of the present, as in drow society, or simple despair, the time of life wasted in waiting for death."
Drizzt Do'Urden

A guide to the Forgotten Realms that anyone can edit, covering all editions and media.

Current Clack

D&D movie boar.jpg
We don't want to boar you, but this is all we can show.
  • The D&D movie now has a name—Honor Among Thieves—and those who saw the sizzle reel are teasing us with dragon chases, arena battles, a displacer beast, and more, and we're piecing it all together. But we rolled a 20 on our Investigation check and the Forgotten Realms Wiki can exclusively report a hot new fact about the movie: as well as Neverwinter, it will also be set in the town of Triboar! Fear not, the Realmslore will be on display. (And we hope our previous April Fools gags on the very same theme don't harm our credibility.)
  • Interactive maps are back! Scroll, zoom, click on a pin, and see where it takes you. Check out our growing map library here, then wait while we cover the rest of this vast planet.
  • Meanwhile, the FRW has passed 43,000 articles and counting! Regis87 finally claimed the milestone with earth walk.
  • Regis87 has been delving into divine magic, documenting such spells as the crypt ward used by dwarf priests of Dumathoin, perhaps to protect against the curse of the revenancer cast by drow clerics of Kiaransalee. And for clerics of Lolth, she found a powerful healing spell, the cloak of gaer. (What is a gaer, anyway? Maybe we don't want to know.)
  • Arodp88 has headed to Triboar, pitching a tent on the caravan campground and then visiting the apothecary for a refreshing sweetwater. It made a nice change from avoiding the draconic creatures of Orogoth.
  • In Leilon, Malte Martin rented a barge from Rorsta Anvilhand and set off for the Mere of Dead Men, only to see it capsized by a rot troll. Fortunately, Malte was captured/rescued by a band of lizardfolk led by Hissain, and was helped back to civilization by Slosh.
  • We welcome MRackham, who came from another world with Avnon Des, a priest of the Shadow God. (Is it Mask? Or isn't it?)
  • In our Legacy of the Green Regent campaign, our heroes have defeated the goblin bandits and a wererat wizard, but can they now cure his victims of their lycanthropy?

Featured Article

Ioun stones.JPG
Ioun stones were rare but renowned magical stones and gems that orbited their owner's heads and bestowed a wide variety of powers and enhancements according to their shape, color, and composition. They could only be crafted by experienced spellcasters well-versed in the creation of magical items. Only certain gems could be used, known collectively as "the nine secrets", though there were at least ten. Some unique ioun stones carried essences and souls from once-living beings, which gave them their power.

They were first created in the year −3462 DR by the precocious young Netherese arcanist Congenio Ioun, marking him as one of the greatest arcanists of his age. By the 14th century, ioun stones were much desired and highly valued, though Congenio Ioun himself had been long-forgotten, with only his name surviving in his creation. Great collections were found in Athalantar, on the Wyvern Crown of Cormyr, and around the head of the mighty lich Larloch, the Shadow King of Warlock's Crypt.

New & Upcoming Releases

Dragon+ 41 cover.jpg
Dragon+ 41 was released on March 22nd, 2022.

This issue has a look at the upcoming Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, the Dragonbone Vale expansion for Neverwinter, and the playable races of Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse. It also presents artwork and maps for Candlekeep Mysteries and Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. Finally, there is a discussion of translating D&D to other languages.

Mindbreaker #5, released on February 23rd, 2021, is the fifth and final issue in the comic series Mindbreaker which features the Heroes of Baldur's Gate and serves as a prelude to Baldur's Gate III.

The prelude to Baldur's Gate III reaches its ultimate conclusion! Minsc, Boo, Delina, Krydle, Shandie, and Nerys have fought terrible foes, but this one may be the worst. With one of their own facing a fate worse than death, can the Baldur's Gate heroes stop the Mindbreaker? And if they do, will it even make a difference for their friend?

Neverwinter Dragonbone Vale key art.jpg
Neverwinter: Dragonbone Vale, released on January 11th, 2022, is an expansion module for the massively-multiplayer role-playing game Neverwinter.

In Dragonbone Vale, the evil lich Valindra Shadowmantle has returned to threaten the Sword Coast alongside the Cult of the Dragon, who have come to possess an ancient artifact with the potential to amplify their foul rituals of undeath. Under the leadership of famed wizard Elminster Aumar, the brave Heroes of Neverwinter will need to work with the allied factions of Protector's Enclave, to reclaim the Dragonbone Vale and put a stop to the Cult's plans.

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Well met, traveler! This wiki covers the rich and popular Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons from TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast, including Realmslore from the Oriental Adventures, Al-Qadim, Maztica, The Horde, Planescape, and Spelljammer settings, covering sourcebooks, novels, video games, comics, and more across all editions. See the aims and scope of this wiki here.

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