Mainu was the most mysterious member of the barae, the seven "super-paladins" sworn to protect the holy city of Mezro in Chult.[2]


Whatever form she used to have, by the late 1300s DR, Mainu had no body but appeared as a flowing dark patch in the waters of the River Olung. She often changed her aspect, appearing in the form a voluptuous woman or a giant piranha. Whatever shape the flowing darkness took, she always had a pair of golden, glowing eyes.[2]


Mainu was very elusive but a stickler for protocol and decorum. She required all visitors to treat her as royalty.[2]


Like all barae, Mainu had been granted special powers from Ubtao, which included the following:[3]

  • She could utter magical commands that would compel the hearer to obedience.
  • She regenerated health rapidly.
  • She could detect evil at will.
  • She had improved reflexes and physical and mental resistances.

If within the Temple of Ubtao, she could also cast the following spells:[3]

In addition, Mainu possessed the power to control the waters and creatures of the River Olung within ten miles of Mezro.[2]




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