The Mairshar were a group of mounted warriors in Tasseldale that acted as the dale's constables, as well as its military. They kept order within Tasseldale. They were granted the authority to settle disagreements between Dalesfolk, to arrest and detain criminals, and defend its borders from outside threats.[2]


Circa 1368 DR, the Mairshar consisted of six twelve-man patrols, as well as a reserve of ten riders. They were led by Grand Mairshar Elizzaria Whitehand,[2] from the tower known as the Sharburg.[1]


Despite being an all-volunteer force, acceptance into the Mairshar was a long and arduous process. After a period in which a prospective rider was put under scrutiny and assessment, the recruits would train with veteran members for over a year before being given regular duty.[2]

This exclusive group of law enforcement primarily comprised fighters, as their duties were martial in nature. They were known for both their skill in combat and mindfulness in their decision-making.[2]


By default, the Mairshar were equipped with chainmail armor, longswords, shields, and crossbows, though it was not uncommon for them to possess magical items to aid in their duties.[2]



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