Major image, also known as spectral force[8] or, originally, Carbury's spectral force,[1] was an illusion spell, that created the visual figment of an object, creature, or force.[3] Some creatures with innate powers of illusion, such as deceiver genies, could also duplicate the effects of this spell.[9]


This spell allowed the caster to create an illusion that included sound, visual imagery, smell, and even temperature. The spectral image could be positioned at a great distance from the caster, and it could occupy a volume of 9,000 cubic feet or greater, depending on the power of the spellcaster.[3]

The caster could control its movement by concentrating, and the illusion would remain for a short time after the caster ceased concentrating. If an opponent attacked the illusion, it would fade away, unless the caster were able to make the figment respond believably.[3]


Verbal and somatic components and a bit of fleece as a spell focus were required to cast this spell.[3]


The spell was invented by the Netherese arcanist Carbury in −871 DR, the same year in which he also created his mouth spell.[10]



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