Mak Thuum Ngatha, called the Nine-Tongued Worm, was a horrid being of the Far Realm worshiped by some wormy aberrations and certain crazed cultists. It was perhaps but one of a number of such beings of like power and purpose, each with their own devotees.[1]

Worshipers[edit | edit source]

Outside the insane chaos of the Far Realm and its aberrant adherents, few folk were even aware of the Nine-Tongued Worm, only some alienists, cultists, and half-farspawn things, and fewer still knew much about it.[1]

It was known that Mak Thuum Ngatha was given homage by the nilshai,[1] a tentacled race of things from the Ethereal Plane that threatened the star elves of Sildëyuir,[2] and by the psurlons,[1] a psionic worm-like race dwelling in the Underdark.[3][note 1]

Symbol[edit | edit source]

The symbol of Mak Thuum Ngatha was a fan-shaped glyph, consisting of nine squiggly lines radiating upward from a central shape of unknown meaning.[1]

Activities[edit | edit source]

Unlike a lot of the potent and terrible denizens of the Far Realm, who stood either aloof or unaware of the affairs of mortals, Mak Thuum Ngatha possessed a disturbing degree of interest in the Material Plane. However, what its plans were or what it wanted, one could only guess at and dread, but be sure they would be inimical to all life in the Material Plane.[1]

However, among such aberrations as worshiped it, it was believed the Nine-Tongued Worm was a proponent of bringing down all barriers, spanning all of space and time, and obtaining infinite knowledge. Its priests saw themselves as emissaries or messengers with a divinely given purpose to take worship of Mak Thuum Ngatha to other lands and races, together with its dangerous eldritch knowledge. But this often meant invading worlds of the material plane home to humanoids, plundering and sacrificing them and converting those who were reckless, power-hungry, or crazy enough to follow them.[4][note 2]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Mak Thuum Ngatha is also worshiped by the tsochari, a race introduced in Lords of Madness, but it is not known if that race exists in the Forgotten Realms setting.
  2. This information is taken from the chapter on tsochari in Lords of Madness. This article assumes it is applicable to nilshai and psurlons and to Mak Thuum Ngatha itself.

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