Make whole was a divine transmutation spell that physically repaired an object, within limits.[2] There was also a ritual by the same name that arcanists could use for the same purpose.[1]


This spell was similar to mending but could repair multiple breaks at once. Make whole worked on objects that were physically damaged as if by violence. It could not restore items that had been disintegrated, burned, or vaporized, nor could it reconstitute a gem that had been ground to powder, straighten a wooden curtain rod bent by long years of heavy use, or reform a coin that had been melted down. This spell also did not work on living creatures or constructs. Magical items could be physically repaired, but no magical properties or abilities were restored by this spell.[2]

The ritual required that the object be no larger than a 10 ft (3 m) cube.[1] The divine version could operate on any shape object, but its total volume was limited. More experienced clerics could repair larger objects.[2]


No components were required to cast the divine version of this spell.[2] The ritual required alchemical reagents[4] valued at some fraction of the cost of the object to be repaired, typically twenty percent.[1]



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