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Malanthus Stormstaern was a mage of the 2nd century DR. He held the position of Magister from 154 to 177 DR.[1]


In the Year of the Jealous Hag, 154 DR, Malanthus Stormstaern was one of a number of mages who banded together against Flaerivus Grevauldyn, the then-current Magister, in an effort to stop him acquiring yet more power. Flaerivus and many of his attackers were destroyed in a magical backlash. Among the surviving lesser mages who claimed victory, Malanthus stood forth and named himself Magister. The god Azuth soon met with him and, after Malanthus survived the encounter, he was confirmed as Magister.[1]

Malanthus grew powerful with magic, and none could challenge him. He defeated dozens of rival mages, slayed dragons with ease, and seduced the wives of kings who dared not retaliate. He operated without fear as he traveled widely and shared magic. In his time, Malanthus grew famous among the great cities of the southern and eastern coasts of the Inner Sea, and fathered many children, earning him the moniker "the Tireless".[1]

For all his power, however, he died suddenly in the Year of the Troublesome Vixen, 177 DR, when he was hit by something falling out of the sky, completely by accident. This was apparently a falling star, but some theorized it was a mis-helmed spelljammer.[1]

Malanthus was succeeded as Magister by Dorgon Heamilolothtar, his former apprentice and oldest friend.[1]


Malanthus Stormstaern slept with so many women that, even by the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, hundreds of families across the southern coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars still bore children with his distinctive eyes.[1]


Malanthus was a handsome man with black beard and black eyes flecked with gold that made them seem to flash.[1]


In addition to his mighty magic, Malanthus was an actor and a seducer. He enjoyed fine wine and music, and had a hobby in concocting scents and perfumes.[1]


Malanthus's oldest friend was his former apprentice, Dorgon Heamilolothtar.[1]


Malanthus lived in several places in his time. For several years, he dwelled in the land later known as Turmish. He had a keep near the headwaters of the Fire River in the Earthfast Mountains in the Vast, which was later apparently lost in an avalanche. He also had a mansion high up Mount Thulbane in Chessenta, but fighting giants tore it apart long after his passing.[1]