Malark Springhill was a monk of the long death and for sometime a servant of Szass Tam.[citation needed]


Originating from the Moonsea area[1], Malark is not of Mulan descent but since he moved to Eltabbar he started to shave his head and put on tattoos like a Mulan born. He is compactly built and has a small wine-red birthmark on his chin. He doesn't look overly impressive or dangerous until one notices his graceful movements or the cool calculation in his striking green[2] eyes.[3].


Malark detests the undead[4], probably because of his attitude towards death. Since his decades with the Monks of the Long Death Malark believes death is a gift; that all deaths are desirable but some are better than others. He believes that in his duty as assassin, the really good deaths must take a form appropriate to the victim's life and come to him in the proper time. Malark believes it to be a duty and highest form of art to arrange such passings as opportunity allows.[5]


Malark's weapons of choice are his own hands. At times when more is needed, he also uses his oaken enchanted batons which he usually wears strapped to his thighs. Their enchantment shows in a blue gleaming flowing down the lengths of polished hardwood.[6]


Centuries ago, Malark and his friend won a potion of eternal youth. They had promised to both drink half but Malark cheated his friend and drank it all. When his family and friends died of age, Malark tried living with the longliving races of dwarves and elves. Later they died, too.[7] Malark tried to cling to causes and places until those died, too. He gave his affection for towns until they got sacked and all inhabitants massacred... The only constant in his life was... death. He came to see death as a gift. When he stumbled across one of the hidden enclaves of the Monks of the Long Death, Malark became a novice[8] and learned all that he could. When the monastery was overrun by paladins and all the monks living there were slain, Malark managed to escape.[5]

He became older than even Thay, having lived during the times when the Red Wizards formed a rebellion against Mulhorand and Thay was errected.[8] And being as old as the lich Szass Tam.[9]


Originating from Mulmaster, Malark came with Dmitra when she moved to Eltabbar.[10] He headed Dmitra's spy network.[11]

During the war of the zulkirs, in 1385 DR, Szass Tam revealed to Malark why he killed Druxus Rhym, the lich convinced the spymaster to switch sides and work for him and his greater cause henceforth.[12] From there on Malark spread lies to lead the zulkir's armies into devastating traps.[13] When Aoth Fezim found out about it Malark was forced to abandon his position as "loyal" sypmaster of Dmitra Flass.[14]