Created and protected by ancient alien magic, the Malatran Plateau rose thousands of feet above the rest of Malatra.


Like the rest of Malatra, the Malatran Plateau was covered mostly by jungle. In the north west and the north east however, there were large swathes of land that didn't have significant tree cover.

Rayana SavannaEdit

Elephants, gazelles, lions, and zebras lived on these rolling grasslands and watering holes were plentiful. Nubari plainsmen had tilled a few fields where the jungle met the grass and the aarakocra maintained all of their low-land villages in the middle of the savanna.

Yaku PlainsEdit

Also known as the Plains of Ash, the Yaku Plains were once hilly savannah populated with Nubari but became a blasted wasteland covered in grey ash. Vegetation failed to grow here despite being surrounded on all sides by thick jungle and many cultures viewed this land as taboo.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Fire Mountain: The southernmost peak of the plateaus central mountain range was an active volcano. Many legends had grown up around the mount and several tribes based their primitive religions on it.
  • Valley of Spirits: Where the River of Laughing Idols fell from a high cliff was the beginning of this valley which widened out until it reached the Himsala Mountains at the south east edge of the Plateau. Constantly shrouded in mist from the waterfall, the Valley was mysterious and the greatest of Nubari taboo places. Alien screams filled the air and those few who returned from the valley always refused to speak of what they saw and never again ventured back.


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