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Malaugryms, also known as Shadowmasters, were evil shapeshifters.[2]

But don't you agree, that prey tastes even better when spiced with the sweet tang of fear?
— A malaugrym shortly before devouring its victim.[5]


These shapeshifters were, both physically and mentally, superior to many, if not most other races. They possessed an uncanny, malicious intelligence and a remarkable charismatic presence, despite the abhorrent appearance of their natural form. They were also astoundingly agile, far beyond the ken of the regular human, as well as, to a lesser extent, being stronger and more hardy than one.[2]

Fast Healing[]

Malaugrym were notoriously quick to recover from wounds, which, with time, seal up on their own.[2]

Damage Reduction[]

Malaugrym were immune to all weapons, save for those that were magical or made from silver. Magic weapons behaved as regular ones would, harming them, and ones of silver were particularly devastating, and left wounds the malaugrym could not heal naturally, but required magical attention.[2]

Poison Immunity[]

These creatures were immune to all poisons.[2]

Spell Resistance[]

A malaugrym had the ability to resist magical attack, particularly from less experienced casters.[2]

Notable Malaugryms[]




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