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Malcanthet was a tanar'ri demon prince. She was also called Queen of Succubi.[1]


Malcanthet was described as an incredibly beautiful human-like female with bat-wings, horns, and a long prehensile tail tipped with a spike-like stinger.[1]


The Succubus Queen's realm was the 570th layer of the Abyss, and was known as Shendilavri. Once a disgusting layer of "heaving and shuddering flesh", Malcanthet had transformed it into a verdant paradise. But ultimately, it was a paradise for only Malcanthet herself.[3][1]


Sisters & Rivals[]

Malcanthet was the Queen of the Succubi and holder of the Razor Throne, but she was not without competition. In a centuries-long war, Malcanthet defeated several other succubi-turned-demon lords in order to claim her title and her throne. The most notable of these sister-rivals were Shami-Amourae, a demon lord who was primarily associated with depraved sexuality and the former lover of Demogorgon, until Malcanthet engineered her imprisonment in the Wells of Darkness; Xinivrae, a succubus who reveled in the seduction of women, and who succumbed to a horrid wound from Malcanthet's scourge and left to a horrid fate in the Dreaming Gulf; and lastly the Lady Lynkhab, who survived the fighting but was rendered by her own actions incapable of fighting the Succubus Queen.[1][4]

Consorts, Lovers, & Offspring[]

The demon lord Arendagrost, called the Maw of the Abyss and the Tarrasque of the Great Wheel.

Malcanthet's lovers included many other demons lords, such as Pazuzu, from whom she mothered the succubus Red Shroud; and Demogorgon, with whom she had several children, the eldest of which was the monstrous Arendagrost; and Socothbenoth.[1][5]

Her most recent consort was the less powerful demon lord Mastiphal, called the Hunting Sovereign and associated with the pursuit of prey. He resembled a handsome humanoid fiend with bright red skin, four arms, and a rack of ibex antlers on his forehead. Mastiphal had presented Malcanthet with the head of a huge fiendish smilodon and won her favor, being named her "Favored Consort" and gaining command of the fortress of Vanelon on Pazunia.[6][7][1]


Like most demon princes, Malcanthet also had a very long list of enemies amongst her fellows demon lords and princes. Chief among these was the demon prince Graz'zt; the two waged a sort of cold war against each other, sending spies into each other's realms and trying to undermine and slander each other. The feud started when either Malcanthet or Graz'zt rejected an advance made by the other, although who spurned whom depended on the teller.[1][3] Malcanthet had also long warred with Yeenoghu and had no contact with him besides sending armies into his realm, or when he sent armies into Shendilavri.[3]


Cult of Malcanthet[]

Mozul, a powerful cleric and sometimes-plaything of Malcanthet.

The cult of the Succubus Queen was a widespread but disorganized lot. Each cult saw another, not as an ally, but as competition and most were little more than simple brothels. On average, Malcanthet's cult buildings looked like whorehouses to the commoner, but another dangerous world presided inside. Many people who walked out of the seemingly normal whorehouse did not realize how close they came to being a sacrifice. Malcanthet's cults sometimes had a certain type of person or gender they would have. For example: one cult might cater to muscular men or high class women. Another might specify in male to male services or cater to lithe and fair women. Most of Malcanthet's followers tended to lean towards a female dominated cult; however, there certainly were males in her cult, and they could rise to high ranks. In some cults, males were blinded so they could not "look upon the beauty of their superiors." Men were also sometimes used as bouncers or thugs in their cult. The Thralls of Malcanthet were exclusively female, and as they rose in power, they gained more and more powers similar to those of succubi until they too could (temporarily) assume succubi forms.[1]


The Radiant Sisters were Thirteen lilitu bards who served under their mistress. Their names were actually the colors they radiated, and each one had a soul-draining locket and a shining halo.[1]


At some point, Acererak gave Malcanthet a mirror of life trapping, which she promised to fill with souls and return to his tomb in Chult.[8]

In 1484 DR Malchanthet lived in Nine Hells, where she acted as personal envoy of Asmodeus. She convoked Mephistopheles to Nessus.[9]

In 1487 DR, Malcanthet was trapped in a gemstone phylactery, which was sold by the Drow of House Hunzrin to a band of Spriggans, who gave it as a king to King Yarin and Queen Concettina. Malcanthet trapped Concettina's soul in the phylactery and assumed control of her body. While in the body of the Queen, Malcanthet bedded Wulfgar (who was trying to make Concettina with child to save her from her husband's wrath), injured and killed several royal guards, trapped Wulfgar in her mirror of life trapping and fled Smeltergard, the home of the Spriggans. Meanwhile, Regis and Pikel Bouldershoulder went out in search of the Succubus Queen, hoping to rescue Wulfgar. Using his Druidic abilities, Pikel was able to track Malcanthet to Smeltergard. Regis and Pikel snuck into Malcanthet's quarters, although the succubus queen detected them with the help of her Quasit servant. Malcanthet teleported into the room and attacked, injuring Pikel with her whip. However, several Goblins and two Vrocks foolishly looked into the mirror, becoming trapped inside. Once the mirror was full, it released one of its other prisoners: a Pyrohydra. Regis dived into an underground pool to avoid the creature and Pikel, believing him to be killed by its fire breath, fled. The dwarf succumbed to his injuries along the road and later awoke at an inn, where he was able to send word to Drizzt Do'Urden through a retired member of the Kneebreakers. Hoping to save his friends, Drizzt travelled to Smeltergard, along with Artemis Entreri and Yvonnel. Drizzt and Entreri battled Malcanthet with the help of Guenhwyvar and Regis, who emerged from the pool. When Drizzt was injured, Entreri used his vampiric dagger to drain Malcanthet's life force into Drizzt. Regis took advantage of the Succubus Queen's injuries to use the phylactery to return Concettina's soul to her body. Weakened and fighting for control of the Queen's body, Malcanthet fled. [8]

As Concettina was no longer caught by surprise, and the demon's life force was weakened by Entreri's dagger, the queen was able to resist Malcanthet's possession. The succubus entered the body of a Goblin and began to drag Concettina along, although she was scared off by Komtoddy, who Yvonnel had magically disguised as Graz'zt.[8]

Once Malcanthet was returned to the Abyss, Entreri used Goblins to flush prisoners out of the mirror until Wulfgar appeared. Once the mirror was dropped into a pool full of fish, most of Malcanthet's prisoners were released, including the Pyrohydra, a Behir, and a Beholder.[8]



  1. In Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss, her challenge rating is given as only 21.



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