Maldrithor, known to history as "the Sarbreenar Wyrm", was a male wyrm green dragon that once laired at Sarbreenar in the Vast.[2][1] [note 1]


Maldrithor grew to be a dragon of tremendous size. When he chose to lair at the settlement of Sarbreenar, the people there fled. Maldrithor demolished the old dwarven keep and roosted upon its ruins, so large that his tail dangled down a broken tower and none dared even approach. From here, Maldrithor watched and preyed upon travelers on the road.[2]

But in time, people stopped using the road and Maldrithor went hungry. He was forced to fly south for food, and raided the city of Procampur. There he ripped the roofs from houses and ate the people he caught inside. He made two such raids on the city, but, by the third, the angry and frightened people had hired a wizard to fight Maldrithor off. On Maldrithor's third raid, the wizard was ready with exploding "swordball" spells that bloodily tore Maldrithor apart. The dragon crashed down dead in the harbor.[2][1]

People returned to Sarbreenar but found orcs had moved in instead. The orcs sacked Sarbreenar, taking away its goods and the dragon's small treasure, which was thought to still be hidden in the surrounding mountains by 1370 DR.[2]



  1. The date of Maldrithor's actions is unknown. It is estimated to lie sometime between 649 DR (when Sarbreenar stopped being an effective keep) and 1370 DR (the date of The City of Ravens Bluff).


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