Maligor's Tower was the residence and a stronghold of sorts for Maligor, the Zulkir of Alteration from Thay until 1362 DR. It was located just outside the western edge of Amruthar.[1]

A heavy scent of death emanated from the tower room as the druid opened the door. The smell was almost overpowering, and although the shadows were too thick to make out all of the room’s features, the druid knew there were bodies inside.[2]


His tower was 60 feet (18 meters) tall with a crenelated top.[1] The tower's battlements' shadows hit Amruthar's closing gate at dusk. The tower was built strategically overseeing the business district as well as the two-story inn used by Maligor's extensive network of informants.[3]

Maligor's tower was of significant size, among the numerous rooms there were guardrooms, slave chambers, laboratories where Maligor performed unspeakable magics, a vast library, marble-floored luxurious and spacious bath where he liked to be entertained by his female slaves, and an ancient chambers deep under the tower that predated the rest of the construction.[4] The tower had a prison that was always full and never cleaned, oftentimes the dead were left to rot beside still alive imprisoned slaves. Gnolls were used to guard the putrid complex.[5]


Maligor felt safe inside his tower. The tower's crenelated top held experienced fighters stationed right by mounted crossbow ballistas and jugs of oil, ready to douse invading force with scorching fire. The outer granite walls were 18 inches (46 centimeters) thick with the uniform windows 8 inches (20 centimeters) wide by 2 feet (61 centimeters) high. Each window was barred or enchanted with protective spells to stop someone or something from penetrating the tower or to protect its inhabitant from scrying. Maligor had magical guards and protective wards set up all around the insides of the tower, and experienced guards and loyal slaves were scattered around all the levels of the tower.[6]


Maligor's tower was constructed on top of much older chambers buried deep underground. The stonework appeared older than the rest of the tower indicating's it's unknown origins. Maligor didn't care what they were used before, but he appropriated them to hold his army of darkenbeasts. The entrance to the underground chambers was behind a secret door on the tower's ground level.[4]

By 1362 DR, the tower was housing an army of gnolls, slaves, and darkenbeasts that Maligor was amassing to take over Thay.[3]


The tower was teeming with slaves and guards that belonged to the evil mage. His naga assistant Asp resided there as well.[3]





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