Malla was a human girl whose soul was stolen by the powerful lich Vongoethe in 1368 DR.[1]


Her father, Marlowe, had once made a deal with Vongoethe in their home of Calimshan. The deal was essentially that Marlowe would give up his soul for wealth and riches. After Malla's mother gave up her soul in place of his, Marlowe cowardly fled to the desolate village of Amkethran.[1]

However, the astute lich managed to capture Malla's soul and store it in an ioun stone. Her father then visited the local tavern, the Zephir, to try and search for some adventurers to help him. Gorion's Ward and companions may have accepted his task. The ward and his party may have acquired Malla's soul back from the lich, and if so, Malla started a fresh life, either with or without her father.[1]




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