Malla's soul stone was a unique ioun stone imprisoning the soul of Malla, daughter of Marlowe.[1]


It was a small tear-shaped star sapphire, weighing 1 lb (907 g).[1]


When attuned, the stone provided several benefits to its bearer: increased agility and dexterity, a stronger constitution, and the power to use neutralize poison once each day. However, the knowledge that the stone trapped the soul of an innocent person made it too terrible for good-hearted folk to use.[1]


In 1368 DR, the lich Vongoethe stole Malla's soul and placed it in this gem, because her father, Marlowe, had refused to give up his own soul after making a deal with the lich for twenty years of prosperity as a merchant. In Amkethran in Amn, Marlowe sought adventurers such as Gorion's Ward to deal with the lich. Vongoethe kept the stone with him in his lair in the Cave of the Dead in Amkethran.[1]



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