Manass, or the City of White Walls, was one of the Five Great Cities of Khazari, though it was the smallest of them.[1]


Manass was located in northern Khazari along a pass found halfway up the Katakoro Shan mountains.[1]


Though small by most standards, Manass was heavily guarded against attack from outside forces. Manass was roughly square-shaped, with each side measuring nearly half a mile. The streets were arranged in a grid facing the cardinal directions.[1]

All of the buildings of Manass were made from carefully stacked stone that was plastered with mud then white-washed.[1]

Fields of barley and millet surrounded the land around Manass.[1]


Manass's fortifications were built to protect against invasion from Kao Dynasty Shou Lung during the 600s DR. Throughout the years, it was destroyed several times but was always rebuilt.[1]

Manass was conquered by Yamun Khahan's Horde during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


City walls that stood 30 ft. (9 m) high helped protect Manass. Guard towers which overhung the walls were placed evenly around the city, allowing archers to rain arrows down upon enemies below. The Jade Gate and Stone Gate were the only entrances through the walls.[1][3]

A militia of 5,000 soldiers protected Manass. They were comprised of 2,000 infantry and 3,000 cavalry.


Since the threat of invasion was always high, all of the citizens of Manass lived within the protection of the city walls.[1]

Before the conquest of the Tuigan, Manass was ruled by Sanjar al-Mulk. Jadaran was given charge of the city after the conquest.[1]




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