Mandorcai's mansion was a mysterious manor-house located in the Bloomridge neighborhood of Baldur's Gate. While it was believed to have been built by its namesake lord, the tiefling wizard Mandorcai,[2][3] its origin was much more fiendish in nature.[1]


From all outward appearances, the mansion seemed, as it were, an ordinary, albeit dusty and abandoned, manor house.[1]

Descriptions of the interior from those who had spent a significant length of time inside spoke of rooms soaked in blood and spatially-morphic environments.[1]


Some time before the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the mansion first appeared in Baldur's Gate, literally overnight. It appeared in an empty lot of land, fully furnished, complete with its own house staff and lord of the manor, Mandorcai.[2][3] In fact, it had been gifted to the mage as part of his agreement with his devilish benefactors.[1]

Just as Mandorcai quickly became the talk of the town, he retreated from public life and only corresponded with others by paper invitation. Requests went out that others come visit him within the mansion.[3] While these invitations were a mystery to the Baldurian citizens, they were in fact part of an agreement Mandorcai had with the chain devils, Kyrix, and Valisog. He would bring them blood sacrifices in return for the manor and arcane knowledge he had received.[1]

The recipients of the notes who followed the instructions were never seen again, sacrificed to the devils.[1] After a few such incidents, a contingent of Flaming Fist soldiers raided the home. Only two of them survived, and they found no sign of the wizard, his staff, or the "guests".[3]

Following the investigation, the Council of Four had the mansion boarded up and ensured that their subordinates ignored the house. The infernal invitations continued to appear for a number of years and, in the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR, a number of cult members managed to break into the hellish mansion.[1][3]



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