Mane's Band was an adventuring company originally based in Shadowdale and led by the human fighter Mane.[1]


Mane, who was described as a charismatic black-bearded man, was a local warrior-hero in Shadowdale. He achieved fame in east Faerûn as an adventurer and for his martial prowess.[1]


The group's adventuring career eventually brought them to the Yuirwood forest in Aglarond. There they were nearly slain after encountering many dangerous monsters and the Red Wizard of Thay who summoned them. As a result, they were scattered and disbanded for almost a year before they reformed. They gradually returned to the Dalelands and took part in the war against Lashan Aumersair of Scardale in 1356 DR. Mane himself was the last to rejoin them because he had wandered far in Thay and was enslaved there for a short period of time.[1]

Following the defeat of Lashan, Mane and his companions departed Shadowdale and relocated to Hillsfar, then east to Mulmaster and beyond in search of new adventure. They were thought to be wandering the wilderness east of the Moonsea where Mane had considered establishing a stronghold.[1]


Mane's Band worked alongside Syluné, Storm Silverhand, and Elminster to help defend Shadowdale and maintain order during an interregnum period when there was no Lord of the Dale, from the death of Jyordhan until the reign of Doust Sulwood.[1][2][3] Elminster stated in a conversation with Mordenkainen and Dalamar that he was an acquaintance of Boots the wizard.[4]


Mane owned a two-story house in Shadowdale known as Mane's Manor located just to the west of Mother Tara's Festhall. Mane left the deed to the house to Mother Tara in his will, and she sometimes rented it out for large parties or adventurers staying long periods of time.[5]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Around the time of the group's adventures in the Yuirwood, there was speculation that Mane had gone south and became a chieftain and war leader of the nomads of the Shaar.[6]


There were originally ten members, all of them human males. Throughout the years one left the group and two were slain.[1] In addition, the bard Tamshan did not go with the others to Hillsfar but instead remained in Shadowdale as an agent of the Harpers.[7] He assigned missions to his talented subordinate agent Mestrel Hawkmantle.[8]



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