[[Category:Rated 15 gp per month]]

Mane's Manor was a house in the town of Shadowdale belonging to Mother Tara.[2]


The manor was a two-story house located just west of the festhall.[1] Mother Tara occasionally rented out Mane's Manor for large parties or to adventurers staying in Shadowdale for long periods of time. The guest would have to provide their own food and cannot cause the neighbors to complain.[2]


Given all the complaints about strange sounds within the house and a leaky roof which needed fixing, Mother Tara would have sold the manor if the right buyer offered a reasonable price.[1]


Around 1367 DR, Mother Tara held the deed to Mane's Manor because Mane left it to her in his will.[1]

In 1374 DR, Zhent forces took control of the vale of Shadowdale and used the building for overflowed crowds from Mother Tara's Festhall.[3]


  • Rent was 15 gp per month.



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