The mantimera was a species derived from crossbreeding a manticore with a chimera. Because of this unique breeding, all mantimeras were sterile.[2]


Mantimeras essentially had the body components of their two parent species. They had the hindquarters of a goat, the forelegs of a lion and large, bat-like wings of a manticore but also possessed three heads like a chimera. One head was that of a bestial humanoid, similar to a manticore, while the other two were those of a horned goat and a chromatic dragon. Their tails were flared and barbed at the end like a wyvern, with rows of spikes going up the spine.[2]


Like the chimera, mantimeras preferred to surprise their opponents in combat. They could rake with their claws and whip with or launch spikes from their tail. They also possessed a breath attack from their dragon head, the color of which determined the breath type.[2]



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