The Mantle were a serie of passages and side-caverns in the Dark Dominion of Menzoberranzan.

The Eastways: These tunnels lead to Driders' Chasm, east to the Fardrimm and the dwarf-claimed tunnels of fallen Delzoun.

In this tunnels were the caves Ablonsheir's Cave, named for Ablonsheir U lu'ar, one-time Arch mage of Menzoberranzan, Cavern of the Severed Tentacles, named for a fail invation of Illithids from Phanlinksal, Pit-Warrens a jail for violators.

The Masterways: These tunnels north of the Clawrift lead nowhere, and due to this isolation represent one of the safest regions of the Dark Dominion. Many nobles use the Masterways for "sport hunting".

In this tunnels were the Cavern of the Masters where the wizards of House Xorlarrin and House Barrison Del'Armgo did rituals to help Lolth in her creation of the Demon Weave and Masters of Sorcere did experimentation, Glowstones, an area with natural luminescent rocks.

The Wanderways: Many centuries ago Menzoberranzan was being threatened by an invading force thus the Archmage of Menzoberranzan did a ritual of misdirection throughout these northeastern tunnels of the Mangle. Since then the ritual was still activated.

The Westways: These tunnels lead to Blingdenstone, Mithral Hall, Luruar, Mantol-Derith and Phanlinksal. The Westways were the most patrolled passages of the Dark Dominion.

Tn this tunnels were The Lustrum an are rich vein of ore and gemstones.

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