Manual of the Planes 1st edition is an accessory for AD&D 1st edition. The accessory describes various planes of existence, and what creatures characters might encounter there, covering the astral and ethereal planes, the elemental planes, and the outer planes. It also details how to survive in the planes, and how combat and magic differ under each plane's special conditions.

...from Arcadia to Pandemonium, from the plane of elemental Fire to the Astral plane, vast new worlds of adventure are now open to players.

A vital source book for players and DMs of all levels of experience, the Manual of the Planes details the manifold worlds of the known planes of existence. This book describes the inhabitants, rulers, and environments of these worlds, as well as rules for movement, survival, combat, and spell use in these alien surroundings. A different style of AD&D® adventures awaits!



Astral PlaneEthereal plane
The Inner Planes
Elemental Plane of AirElemental Plane of EarthElemental Plane of FireElemental Plane of Water
The Para-Elemental Planes
Para-Elemental Plane of IcePara-Elemental Plane of MagmaPara-Elemental Plane of OozePara-Elemental Plane of Smoke
Quasi-Elemental Planes
Quasi-Elemental Plane of LightningQuasi-Elemental Plane of MineralsQuasi-Elemental Plane of RadianceQuasi-Elemental Plane of Steam
Quasi-Elemental Plane of AshQuasi-Elemental Plane of DustQuasi-Elemental Plane of SaltQuasi-Elemental Plane of Vacuum
The Outer Planes
ArcadiaAcheronConcordant OppositionElysiumGehennaGladsheimHadesHappy Hunting GroundsLimboNirvanaPandemoniumOlympusSeven HeavensTarterusThe AbyssThe Nine HellsTwin Paradises



  • Design: Jeff Grub
  • Editing: Mike Breault
  • Cartography and Diagrams: Dave Sutherland
  • Cover Art: Jeff Easley
  • Interior Art: Stephan Fabian, Jeff Easley
  • Typography: Kim Lindau
  • Graphic Design and Keylining: Susan R. Myers, Stephanie Tabat

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