Manxam (pronounced: /ˈmɑːŋkzɑːmMANK-zam[2]) was the oldest and most powerful beholder living in the Western Heartlands. He was a member of the Zhentarim, and also acted also as the ruler of Teshwave.[3] He was the most prominent of the exiled beholder of Ootlul[1]


He was barely involved in the hunt for Shandril Shessair when she attacked Zhentil Keep. He prefered Fzoul Chembryl as leader of the Zhentarim over Manshoon.[4]

In later years he supported Fzoul in his schemes contributing to the downfall of Manshoon.[5]

As of 1489 DR, Manxam appeared to be among the senior leadership of Darkhold, then-headquarters of the Zhentarim.[6]



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