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The Kingdom of Many-Arrows was an orc kingdom founded by Obould Many-Arrows in 1371 DR and recognized as a sovereign realm by several of the Silver Marches signatories the following year. It stretched from Mithral Hall in the west to the Moonwood in the east and to the Evermoors in the south.[citation needed]

A glimpse into the future made it known that the kingdom would last at least 100 years to the reign of King Obould VI, but even then, renegade shamans of Gruumsh attempted to return to the old orc ways and wished to attack their neighbors instead of continuing to foster peaceful relations with them.[citation needed]


The Obould dynasty reigned almost uninterrupted since the kingdom's founding. Although there were some civil wars, peace was maintained since the Year of the Malachite Shadows, 1460 DR.[1]

The orcs of Many-Arrows occasionally raided southern lands but open conflict between Luruar and Many-Arrows had been completely averted as of 1479 DR. Open conflict between Many-Arrows and the Uthgardt of the region however was rife since the realm's inception.[citation needed]

The peace and stability of Many-Arrows fell into disarray in 1484 DR, when the drow Quenthel Baenre incited the orcs into war. The orc Hartusk, a known detractor of Obould's peaceful methodology,[2] took control of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. Hartusk began to conquer large portions of Luruar, from Nesmé and Sundabar, and laid siege to the great dwarven strongolds of Mithral Hall, Citadel Felbarr, and Citadel Adbar. The tide of the battle turned however, when Bruenor Battlehammer sallied the dwarven forces, and began to crush the opposition.[3]

As the battles raged, Bruenor and his men were able to defeat the last of Chief Hartusk's forces at Dark Arrow Keep, before restoring control of the fortress to Lorgru, the son of Obould XVII, who had been framed for the assassination of his father. His name was cleared, and he took control of the remnants of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, retreating back to Dark Arrow Keep and the Spine of the World, to try and continue his father's legacy of peaceful integration with the people of the Silver Marches.[3]

Following the Spellplague, there were commanders within this kingdom's army that were spellscarred.[4]


In 1479 DR, Many-Arrows was ruled by King Obould XVII from his skull-adorned, horned throne in Dark Arrow Keep.[1]

As of 1484 DR however, Many-Arrows was ruled by King Lorgru in the wake of his father's assassination and the coup staged by War Chief Hartusk.[5]


The fiercest warriors among the Many-Arrows orcs wore distinctive belts decorated with the traditional totems of the Many-Arrows tribe.[4]



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