The Map House, also known as the Heralds' House because it was owned by the Heralds of Faerûn, was a library and repository for geographical maps and genealogies of noble houses.[3] In 1371 DR it became part of the Conclave of Silverymoon.[1]


The Map House was located on the north bank of the River Rauvin in the city of Silverymoon,[4] in the former Vault of the Sages building.[3]


The building was a four-story stone edifice that resembled the innermost structure of a strong castle.[3]


The Map House was a library of many geographical maps as well as a lexicon of genealogical records for nobles and commoners, many of which were copies of the originals kept in Herald's Holdfast.[3] Interested customers could pay a fee to view these documents or have a scribe make a copy.[5] After the Map House changed hands and became part of the university these services were continued, but for students, the fees were included in their tuition. As Master of the House, Esklindrar Iol had authority over what materials were allowed to be copied and disseminated.[2]


The Heralds purchased the building from the government of Silverymoon in the Year of the Purple Basilisk, 1247 DR, after the Vault of the Sages was moved to a new location across the River Rauvin in a newer portion of the city.[6] In 1371 DR the Map House was turned over to the Conclave of Silverymoon, a university for wizards and bards created by Lady Alustriel Silverhand just before she stepped down as High Mage of Silverymoon to become Speaker of the Silver Marches.[1]


A secret door somewhere in the basement of the building was said to connect with a network of subterranean passageways beneath the Silverglen and leading ultimately to Harper Hall.[7]




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