Marance Talendar was a wizard in Nine Hells.[2][1]


Marance in Selgaunt was always in company of his brother Nuldrevyn Talendar.[1]


Marance was a powerful wizard member of Talendar house in Selgaunt around 1250 DR. He with his brother Nuldrevyn was among the most gifted heirs of the Talendar. However when Thamalon Uskevren went back in city to reestablished Uskevren house Marance and Nuldrevyn decided to stop Thamalon. However Thamalon fought back and in a skirmish Thamalon killed Marance. Marance's spirit went to Nine Hells. After some time of torments Marance was admitted to the court of the archfiend ruler of Dis. In years Marance become one of the most powerful wizard in Hells and probably the only non-baatezu to arrive so high. However Marance was obsessed with vengeance against Thamalon. At last in 1372 DR the archfiend granted permission to Marance to went back to Prime Material Plane in order to fulfill his vengeance. Quickly he was back in Selgaunt and reforged contact with Nuldrevyn.[1]


Marance always prided himself with his composure. He had a iron will. He was totally focused with his vengeance, rationally calculating all steps. He heavy disliked fighting personally, but for no cowardice but instead for tactical reasons and dislike of physical fight.[1]




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